Voice Control Digital Alarm Clock

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1. Two Display Mode
Press and hold the + key to switch the display mode.
(1) Time+temperature is displayed on the same screen
(2) "Time+temperature" and "Date+temperature" are displayed cyclically
2. Two sets of Alarms
Support to set Alarm frequency :5/6/7
5:Alarm rings from Monday to Friday
6:Alarm rings from Monday to Saturday
7:Alarm rings from Monday to Sunday
3. 5 Levels of Brightness adjustment
4. Voice control function (available when only powered by battery)
5. Snooze function
snooze 5 minute
6. Power saving mode
7. Time memory function(available when powered by battery and plug in use at the same time)
8. Night Mode
If night mode is on,Brightness darkens at
night (22:00-6:00)

9.Anti-disturb function at night
In the non-setting state, you can press and hold the snooze button for 3 seconds to turn off the display to prevent the screen from interfering with sleep at night.
After entering the screen-off mode, you can press any key to turn on the display, but the voice control cannot turn on the display
10.12/24 hour format switch
(1)Time Display
(2)Long press the MODE button 24Hr
(3)Press UP or DOWN can switch to 12Hr
(4)Press the MODE button Time setting display
(5)Hour digits flashing

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Body Color :Black Body
Words:As picture show
Material of Screen:Mirror
Size: 17.4*6.8*2.3cm
Voice control: clap your hands or knock on the table to wake up the alarm clock

NOTE 1:Take the protective flim on Clock Screen,it will be brighter.
NOTE 2:It will go off after 10 seconds when only powered by AAA Battery(Not Included)
Clap your hands or knock on the table to wake up the alarm clock
If you want screen always on,please plug in use.

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